B:1 Can you Stay the Course? – Start Well, Live Well, Age Well’

Session Summary

The Active and Independent Living Programme’s (AILP) vision is that ‘Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) work in partnership with the people of Scotland to enable healthy, active and independent lives by supporting personal outcomes for health and well-being’. This is being achieved through innovative action in the Programme’s six ambitions: health and well-being, awareness, access, partnership, research and innovation and workforce.

The programme focuses on a shift towards prevention, self-management and anticipatory care and is underpinned by the clear messages heard from over 1,000 stakeholders at a series of consultation events – they want information, advice and support to manage their own lives and to be able to have access to the right service when they need it.

The session explained how the Active and Independent Living Programme (AILP) follows a wellbeing approach across the life-course:

  • Starting Well;
  • Living and Working Well; and
  • Ageing Well.

Delegates heard how work led by AHPs supports people to live healthy, active and independent lives and providing opportunities to share innovative ideas on how to improve the programme.