B:5 Care Across Boundaries – from Canterbury, New Zealand to the North of Scotland – and Beyond

Session Summary

One of the biggest challenges currently facing our health service is the increasing demand for acute hospital care. In New Zealand, the transformation of the Canterbury health system provides an example of how they have managed to tackle these pressures head-on. The session explored the parallels between the Canterbury approach and innovation in the North of Scotland, particularly in relation to tackling whole system transformation of specialisms. 

Three key approaches were central to delivering the transformation in Canterbury:

  • The development of a clear, unifying vision behind the ‘one system, one budget’ message; 
  • Sustained investment in giving staff skills to support them to innovate and giving them permission to do so; and
  • Developing new models of integrated working and a system of Alliances.

As a result of the transformation, the health system in Canterbury is now able to support more people in their homes and communities and has moderated demand for hospital care, particularly among older people. The session led discussions on how this has been achieved with initiatives currently ongoing in the north of Scotland.