C:7 Supporting Realistic Medicine through the Delivery of a Single National Formulary

Session Summary

The health landscape in Scotland is changing. As a population, our health is improving, with people now living longer and healthier lives. However, this is not equal for all. With an ageing population and health, social and economic inequalities, Scotland is facing significant and complex challenges.

Medication is by far the most common form of medical intervention, with over 300,000 prescriptions issued across Scotland every day. Aligning to the priorities of Realistic Medicine, Scottish Ministers have committed to developing a Single National Formulary by September 2019. Through a ‘Once for Scotland’ approach, the Single National Formulary aims to reduce unwarranted medicine variation, reduce harm, increase patient safety while ensuring a person-centred approach. 

Significant work has been undertaken to develop the first four therapeutics chapters. These include gastrointestinal, respiratory, endocrine and diabetes and infections. It is envisaged these chapters will be rolled out across NHSScotland in the coming months.

Delegates took part in group discussions to consider how to implement the new approach throughout Scotland by considering current practice and what will help facilitate the roll out of the national formulary and how it can be embedded.