D:3 The Power of Your Parliament

Session Summary

This session explored the role played by the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee in holding the Scottish Government to account. The session looked at how the contribution of NHS staff and service-users in this process leads to ongoing improvements to the NHS in Scotland.

Delegates learned about the crucial distinction between the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government and the relationship between NHSScotland and the Health and Sport Committee.  

As well as introducing the role of the Committee, the Session considered examples of past engagement with stakeholders – including NHSScotland staff and patients. By looking at how this engagement has contributed to the Committee’s work, delegates heard more about what the direct input of staff and patients has achieved in terms of shaping policy and improvements to service delivery. 

At the heart of this Session was the message that ‘This is your Parliament’ and that everyone involved in NHSScotland – at all levels and in all areas of service delivery – can engage with and influence their Parliament. The session used the Safe Staffing Bill as a case study to outline the many ways anyone can have their voice heard by the Scottish Parliament and influence the scrutiny the Parliament undertakes.