D:4 Resilience – How to Get it, How to Keep it, and How it Takes You to Joy

Session Summary

The session explored what “Joy in Work” looks and feels like and why it is so important in healthcare. With increasing demands on time, resources, and energy, it’s not surprising that rates of burnout in health and social care colleagues are rising.  

There is a clear neurological link between feelings thoughts and actions. When these feelings are negative the neurological and psychological response is disengagement. Employees in this state don’t process information well, don’t think creatively or make the best decisions and their productivity is lower. 

As individuals if we do not take good care of ourselves we cannot care about our work in a resilient way and find joy in that work. If we cannot care about our work and feel joy in work this will impact on our ability to deliver person-centred, safe and effective services to the people we serve.

The session introduced delegates to tools for personal resilience and the foundations for building joy at work.