D:6 Celebrating 10 Years of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme: Making Safety Stick

Session Summary

Since the launch of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) in 2008, the programme has expanded to support improvements in safety across a wide range of care settings including Acute and Primary Care, Mental Health, Maternity, Neonatal Paediatric services and medicine safety.

Underpinned by the robust application of quality improvement methodology, the SPSP has supported significant change in outcomes for people through reducing harm, improving reliability in processes and developing a culture focused on the relentless pursuit of safety.

As the programme reaches its 10th Anniversary, the impact of the work and all those who have contributed to its continued success are recognised at NHS board, national and international levels.

The session explored the design, development and delivery of the work to improve the quality and safety of care across Scotland. Using real examples, delegates heard from service users and local and national teams – sharing their learning and reflections on the impact the SPSP has had through the last ten years and how this will shape future priorities.