D:7 New Approaches to Demand Management – How Technology and Service Partnership can Support Primary Care Settings

Session Summary

In order to address the increasing pressures being placed on NHS services from rising demand, new approaches are needed to ensure the system can deliver services in a way which meet public demand, sustainably. 

The session explored how a partnership-based approach to demand management – bringing together both national and local services in novel ways and employing technological solutions innovatively – can address these challenges. Based on the experience of using a partnership approach to develop tests of change, the session looked at how a number of GP practices, NHS 24 and the Scottish Ambulance Service have collaborated on addressing demand pressures on primary and community care services. 

Delegates heard more about two care-study initiatives and how these tests of change have operated in practice. The session underlined the opportunities and challenges of creating new models of care, issues of scalability for new, innovative approaches to demand management, and the critical role of new relationships and roles for the primary care workforce.