S:3 Spotlight Sessions

Research and Innovation at the Golden Jubilee Foundation - the MDaT® process

The Medical Devices Alpha Test (MDaT®) process is a custom-designed forum for clinicians and other NHS staff to provide clinical and commercial insight to companies who are looking for a way to improve and develop their medical technology or devices. The process takes the form of a presentation followed by a panel review. The makeup of the panel will depend on the device and normally consists of a range of professions. The panel will ask any questions they may have following the presentation and will provide an evaluation into its potential use within the NHS and the wider healthcare environment.

In this presentation, delegates heard how this concept has resulted in successful trials and adoption and increased use of technology which benefits patients in Scotland.

Health and Social Care Partnership Collaborative (Glasgow/East Dunbartonshire/West Dunbartonshire/East Renfrewshire/Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire): Improving the Provision of Children’s Equipment

Equipu is a partnership-based community equipment store service model in Scotland. Following Scottish Government guidance issued in March 2015 regarding the provision of equipment to children and young people with disabilities, Equipu has expanded and further improved its provision of children’s equipment.  

Work carried out with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Specialist Children’s Services has helped to provide additional technical resource within the service to improve the assessment, recycling and refurbishment of all children’s equipment (OT, physio and nursing).

In this presentation, delegates heard how this approach is having a positive impact on response times, recycling and has reduced waiting times for equipment which makes a significant difference to the quality of care provided to children and their carers as well as achieving financial savings for health and social care service providers.

NHS 24: Attend Anywhere

The Attend Anywhere system is funded by the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme and supported by NHS 24 to provide a video consulting platform that allows patients to participate in a video consultation from their own home, using their own device.

This approach is designed to avoid patients having to travel for consultations, particularly those who live in remote and rural areas. The system is easy to use and over 98 percent of patients who have used it say they would use it again.

The system is in operation across 13 NHS Boards and a range of Health and Social Care Partnerships and Third Sector Organisations.

In this presentation, delegates heard how video consulting can support service change for the benefit of both patients and staff.

NHS Ayrshire and Arran: Creating a wellness service for children and young people in Ayrshire and Arran – Cluster modelling in schools and communities

Taking advantage of the integration of health and social care in Scotland, the Ayrshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) has embarked on a radical re-design process, involving a range of community, third and public sector partners. 

Services have been streamlined to significantly reduce waiting times and create new posts and teams (through restructuring). This has helped to facilitate better liaison between acute and community settings; promote better responses to those with the most complex needs; and support looked after and accommodated children.

Dialogue with schools has highlighted the potential in modelling services around clusters of schools, with a view to embedding accessible services, centred around prevention and resilience building. 

In this presentation, delegates heard how this collaborative approach has facilitated honest conversations to: 

  • Challenge professional boundaries;  
  • Challenge existing silo working and more integrated working; and
  • Redefine the traditional CAMHS team.