S:4 Spotlight Sessions

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland: Using Lived Experience to Transform Health and Social Care

This presentation will focus on three projects which demonstrate the benefits of using lived experience to transform health and social care:

  • Supporting public representatives in their role as members of Health and Social Care Partnerships by sharing good practice in engagement and planning induction programmes;
  • Supporting children, young people, parents and carers with the information and resources they need to be actively involved in planning associated with the child or young person’s wellbeing needs; and
  • Sharing how simple conversations with patients can have the power to change the culture of the health and social care sector in Scotland.

In this presentation, delegates heard how these projects are helping to improve outcomes for the people of Scotland.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland: The Scottish Mortality and Morbidity Programme - Changing the Narrative of Safety Reviews in Healthcare. Could this Work Across Health and Social Care?

The Scottish Mortality and Morbidity Programme (SMMP) is a unique national programme which aims to change the culture of safety reviews through co-production where safe care, shared learning, quality improvement and a just culture is at the forefront.

Asking ‘Was our care safe?’ can be a challenge. The concept of peer review of deaths or significant harm (M&M meetings) is undergoing a significant transformation in Scotland to help make care safer.

In this presentation, delegates heard how movement has been created around effective M&M meetings underpinned by best practice, structured approaches, educational resources and driven by coal-face staff to support Scotland’s aim to be the safest country in the world in which to receive care.

NHS Education for Scotland: Youth Employment and Developing the Young Workforce

Developing the youth workforce is a key part of addressing recruitment challenges, as highlighted in the National Health and Social Care Workforce Plan.

Delegates attending this presentation will learn about the current youth development and employment activities across NHSScotland that NHS Education for Scotland and partners are working on. These activities rely on considerable and ongoing engagement with those involved in workforce planning at a local, regional and national level including Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Qualifications Authority, the College Development Network and the Third Sector.